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HP NA and NNMi integration

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HP NA and NNMi integration

Hi All,



I just got one doubt about integrations of HP NA with HP NNMi.


Suppose we have two HP NA servers, one will be active all the time and another we are planning to have for active standby(multimaster HA of NA) which takes over when active goes down.


But in this case if secondary NA takes over then how will integration work with NNMi, do we have to integrate both NA with single NNMi only or anything else needs to be done.


Your response will be really helpful for me.







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Re: HP NA and NNMi integration

Hello Hanumant,


Just to resume, do you have a Multimaster environment, 2 NA cores + 2 DB cores in replication? I am asking this because you mentioned standby core. 


Now to answer your question, you can integrate only one NA core with one NNMi core. So when one is down, you need to do the integration with the second one.


My hint here is to test integration with both cores, one at a time, for testing purposes, and when one is down, just change the NNMi settings on the NA integration and use the active one. 


Let me know if the above makes sense.


Thanks and regards,