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Dynamic NA task after Receiving Specific Syslog message

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Dynamic NA task after Receiving Specific Syslog message

Hello ,


we have issue regarding HSRP protocol , that one of distribution switches has Memory error and CEF is down and MPLS service went down , but the services for the devices went down because of that and HSRP didn't transferred to the standby Distribution switch , as the HSRP has to meet some conditions to transfer to the second switch mentioned below :

HSRP will trigger a failover during an physical interface (10 gig port) down, virtual interface (VLAN) down or a complete switch outage.

so i am planning to match these conditions through the help of HP NA , if there are Memory Fragmentation Error it will send syslog message to HP NA , so i would like to do dynamic task to shutdown one vlan or Ten giga interface so i can match one of the HSRP failover conditions .


is there are any task that i can do it like that after receiving Syslog message to run command script to shutdown interface !!!



any help will be grateful

Mostafa Hassan
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Re: Dynamic NA task after Receiving Specific Syslog message

Hello Mostafa,


You can add your Syslog pattern to the list in NA Admin settings. 


Then each time NA receives that Syslog, it will trigger a snapshot on the device. 

After this step, we will add a New Event Notification & Response Rule:


when the following events occur Device Snapshot, 

- on devices in this Partition and in these groups X,

- to take this action: Run task

- wait  X seconds  and then run this task: Run Command Script.


Let us know on the above.


Thanks and regards,


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Re: Dynamic NA task after Receiving Specific Syslog message

Hi All


I got a same requirement, in fact - when a device is being rebooted (cold start-Syslog), so no NA task is involved.


After the device has been fully loaded, a clear session command should be executed on the device.


Is there any possibility to create tasks after selected syslog messages?


It's not my goal to execute the task after the snapshot has been taken, since all end user will loose their connections after executing the clear sessions command on the device. I will filter that to run only after cold starts.


Thank  you in advance


Best Regards,


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