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New Features for HPE Jenkins Plugin v5.1 Including Enhanced Integration with UFT 14.00 & ALM Octane

New Features for HPE Jenkins Plugin v5.1 Including Enhanced Integration with UFT 14.00 & ALM Octane


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The HPE Jenkins plugin (formally: HPE Application Automation Tools ) enables you to create and use virtual services, trigger the execution of performance and functional tests as part of your Jenkins continuous integration. It can also deliver jobs and integrate your release pipeline on Jenkins with HPE Application Lifecycle Management products.

Our latest release adds support with one of the leading tools for functional testing - UFT 14.00 and integrates with Application Lifecycle Management’s cutting-edge product - ALM Octane.Jenk1.png


The latest integration with ALM Octane enables you to track code commits, view build pipelines, and check build quality. Additionally, it incorporates UFT, StormRunner, LeanFT, and LoadRunner test results into your release and product quality analysis along with other tools. This integration lets you utilize ALM Octane’s quality, failure analysis, predictive analytics and change management capabilities.


In summary, you can create even better continuous integration and delivery pipelines with HPE products in one of the leading CI/CD platforms and track them with the next generation of Application Lifecycle Management product.


You can learn more about how to configure the plugin, through the following blog posts and webinars:

More on UFT 14.00:

  1. blog post
  2. UFT
  3. LeanFT
  4. UFT 14.00 What's New Video

Octane integration:

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT7aqDYYgpE
  2. https://youtu.be/2DB9RWPsKzI

Other plugin features in previous blogs and webinars:

  1. Running Functional testing using ALM
  2. Using ALM with Jenkins
  3. Continuous performance testing with the Jenkins plugin using LoadRunner and Performance Center


For general information about the plugin, and to download the plugin, see the HPE Application Automation Tools page on Jenkins.

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