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Continuous testing and Application Lifecycle Management gets better with the HPE Jenkins V5 plugin

Continuous testing and Application Lifecycle Management gets better with the HPE Jenkins V5 plugin



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We’ve recently released version 5.0 of the HPE Automation Tools Plugin for Jenkins.



This plugin lets you trigger the execution of automated tests as part of your Jenkins continuous integration jobs.  It supports several HPE products, along with the recently added Service Virtualization integration.

The integrated plugin lets you run performance and functional tests from both the file system and from HPE Application Lifecycle Management. In addition, it allows you to seamlessly run tests in your Jenkins build and upload the results back into the ALM repository.



The main enhancements of version 5.0 are:

  1. Support for Service virtualization: You can deploy, change, and export virtual services using Jenkins before running tests.
  2. Jenkins 2.0 support.
  3. Jenkins pipeline support enables to easily integrate HPE products into your build pipeline (Figure 2).
  4. Several improvements for LoadRunner user (Project reports).

Figure 2





You can set up the pipeline job with almost the same fields as a “freestyle” job in Jenkins, making the transition even easier. For details on how to set up the pipelines, see https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/HP+Application+Automation+Tools#HPApplicationAutomationTools-SupportforPipelines.

You can also view a webinar demonstrating how to use pipelines and regular builds with Performance Center and LoadRunner

For general information about the plugin, and to download it, see the HPE Application Automation Tools page on Jenkins wiki.

If you have any more questions regarding the plugin – use our Google group:


For issues, feature suggestions, or to suggest cool user stories for us to consider, create a ticket on the Jenkins plugins issue system:


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