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vuser failed to initialize extension parameng.dll

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vuser failed to initialize extension parameng.dll

We have upgraded loadrunner version from 11.00 to 11.52. While I am replaying my script I am facing below error:


Error: Exception was raised when calling per-thread-init function in extension parameng.dll: System Exeptions: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
Error: Vuser failed to initialize extension parameng.dll.


Does anyone has encountered with this error or is there any solution of this.

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Re: vuser failed to initialize extension parameng.dll


This problem has some possible causes:


1. There are problems with the parameter file. Check the contents and format of the parameter data file and make sure that:

a. There are no commas in the data if the parameter is set to be comma delimited. If you need to have a comma in the data, you will need to change the setting for the "column delimiter."

b. There is an extra return keystroke after the last data entry. (DO not hit return for more than once.)


2. There are other HP products installed that also use another parameng.dll file, which interferes with LR's one.


3. There is an installation corrupted issue.  Close all LoadRunner components and run the Repair tool from the LR installer (<drive>\ lrunner\En\Setup.exe)


Rodolfo Leitón

HP LR/PC Support

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