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Wireless connection to controller

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Wireless connection to controller


I need help to understand why I cannot set up wireless connection between controller and load generator.

I do not have any problem to connect my laptop to controller via wired connection. I work on the same LAN within company network. What need to be configured in order to set up wireless connection.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Re: Wireless connection to controller

Is your controller wired and LG on your laptop unwired?
Can you ping your laptop LG from controller when LG is connected to LAN wirelessly?
Please also try the IP assigned in wireless network instead of host name.

If ping is ok, try following:
Since Controller is attempting to connect LG on TCP port 54345, you can also use telnet command line to see if that port is reachable:
1. Open cmd on Controller
2. Type in "telnet <your_LG_ip> 54345" to see if it's connected (a black console w/o any text)

If telnet can't connect to the target port, then it might be a firewall between wireless network and your wired LAN blocks certain ports, in that case, you'd better contact IT admin for help.
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Re: Wireless connection to controller

Thank you for help. I simply used IP address and that worked