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Web Service SOAP + Compression Error During Recording

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Web Service SOAP + Compression Error During Recording

We are having an issue getting the HP LoadRunner to properly record SOAP messages that are compressed with either DEFLATE or GZIP compression.  Any suggestions?  Example message format?  Any special header attribute that LoadRunner is looking for?  


I would be happy to explain in more detail.  Since i do not know or configure LoadRunner, I do not know what information is needed to troubleshoot the problem.  If you are willing to help, I would be happy to provide as much additional information needed to figure this out.


Steps that our application goes through for compression. (Clients do these steps in reverse)

1.  Take contents of Body tag and compress it using deflate.

2.  Base64 encode the comrpessed content

3.  Write the CompressedBody tag with the Base64 + compressed content inside


Example message:

<s:Envelope xmlns:s=\"http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/\"><s:Body><CompressedBody xmlns=\"urn:wcfextensions:soap:compression\">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</CompressedBody></s:Body></s:Envelope>






Re: Web Service SOAP + Compression Error During Recording

I have a similar problem, I recorded mine user a sniffer, but my message body comes as cQATbDiHYTuwTFhHqZsr9sAp4vVjupvsWOb8Pig3SgrBmgsn0pp4dervytybAG8ACnDjJjYvvat...and so on....still trying to figure out how to fix it... Ill post back if I have a any news or hopefully someone else will know the awnser.

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Re: Web Service SOAP + Compression Error During Recording


Using the DFE feature (which is already released with LoadRunner) you can write a DFE that will encode/decode the compression


for a future release we are working on a new API  for decompressing...