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Vugen error - SAP storage token (Error: RWI 00313)

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Vugen error - SAP storage token (Error: RWI 00313)

Hi Experts,


I already correlates all the tokens in SAP BI and all the transaction passed in vugen

but there was no activity in SAP BI end. I check the logs and this is the error 

that I found, please see below:



                Action.c(1002):     setTimeout('delayedDisplayDlg()',100);\n

                Action.c(1002):     function delayedDisplayDlg() {\n

                Action.c(1002):         advDisplayViewerErrorMsgDlg("An error occurred while retrieving the document from the

                Action.c(1002):     storage token. (Error: RWI 00313)",_ERR_FETCH_DATA);\n

                Action.c(1002):     }\n

                Action.c(1002):     </script></head><body><input type="hidden" name="BENCH_ERROR" value="Error&nbsp;Number&nbs

                Action.c(1002):     p;:&nbsp;&nbsp;-&nbsp;Error&nbsp;Description&nbsp;:&nbsp;An&nbsp;error&nbsp;occurred&nbsp;

                Action.c(1002):     while&nbsp;retrieving&nbsp;the&nbsp;document&nbsp;from&nbsp;the&nbsp;storage&nbsp;token.&n

                Action.c(1002):     bsp;(Error:&nbsp;RWI&nbsp;00313)"></body></html>\n      



Please let me know how to solved this error and applying it in the script.







Micro Focus Expert

Re: Vugen error - SAP storage token (Error: RWI 00313)


Hi Richard,



The script you are working with should be reviewed to analyze the problem.  


Please open a case with support as your question requires more detailed investigation.



Kind regards,

HPE Support
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