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Vugen 11.52 for SAP GUI protocol error

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Vugen 11.52 for SAP GUI protocol error



I am using SAP GUI   protocol in Vugen 11.52.



Business flow:

This is a SAP Utility (SAP NetWeaver 7.3 version) where we are trying to make a payment using TCode FP05.

We need to create a lot(any random number) which is the first step for making payment.

If the lot number is already used by any other user , we get a message "Posting already made".

If the number is not used , we get a message "Lot not yet created".


Sequence in my script :

Step 1) Created a lot which has been used(Lot number 400)

Step 2) Created a lot number which has not been used (Lot number 450)

Error : The snapshot of step 1 is not captured completely( the message "Postings made" is not visible although other things are captured)


The part of  snapshot which is missing in step 1 is appearing in the snapshot of step 2.


I need to capture these text (Posting made or Lot not yet created for making a check point).


Kindly let me know if anyone has faced  such error.


Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Vugen 11.52 for SAP GUI protocol error



Do you have any step between step 1 and 2? 

What makes the message "Postings made" or "Lot not yet created" appear? 

Do you have to click on a button after entering the corresponding number: 400 or 450?


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