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VuGen 11.52 and Citrix CAG

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Andre L.
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VuGen 11.52 and Citrix CAG

I have an HTTP/HTML script that goes through are Citrix Gateway.  Every time I record it I get a link like this:



The number after "getLogonContent.do is different every time I record it.  I am trying to correlate it but can't seam to find it in the data that the server is sending back.  I can run the script with out a problem but I am concerned that I need to make this number dynamic to prevent problems when I run my tests. 


Any insight into this would be appreciated.


Thank you.

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Re: VuGen 11.52 and Citrix CAG




The fact that a value keeps changing doesnt mean that it requires correlation, if it is not failing that would be a clear sing that no correlation is required, to double check this, look for this value on the generation log, if the first time it shows up is in a request, or it is not anywhere on this log, then is a client generated values and this not only is not required to be correlated but also is not possible.


hope this clarifies