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VuGen 11.04 hangs on open or save

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VuGen 11.04 hangs on open or save

On Win 7, 64bit, VuGen 11.04 will hang when trying to save or open a script. The problem started after it hung at the end of a replay and had to be forced to close in the task manager.

Using File > open or the toolbar causes the freeze but I can open a script by double-clicking a .usr file. When I try to save it though it hangs again.

I've performed many troubleshooting steps suggested by various sites on the web & I've even uninstalled the app & ran ccleaner to clean up registry entries but the problem persists after reinstalling and patching.

It's almost as if it gets stuck trying to pull up the dialog box for the file location. When I go to quit the app in the task manager the message I get from Windows is that VuGen is waiting for input from the user (me). I always run the program by right-clicking and selecting run as an admin.

I've even gone as far as trying a system restore w/ no luck. Any suggestions?

I cannot upgrade to ver. 11.5x because I need the script to work with BPM 9.13 so please don't suggest that as a course of action.
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Re: VuGen 11.04 hangs on open or save



Please disable Data Execution prevention (KM1220841), User Account Control (KM00598473) and antivirus or hooking software running on your machine as they may prevent the proper work of  VuGen.  


As your installation of LoadRunner is 11.0x you can also try the suggestions in the following document:

Virtual User Generator (Vugen) hangs on startup

Please also review: VuGen hangs when trying to use the "Open Script" button 


Supported by BPM 9.13 version of Vugen is 11.03 and I would suggest you to downgrade to this version.

The full BPM – VuGen Compatibility matrix is available on page 14 of the Business Process Monitor 9.23 Administration Guide. Link to it is available in the following Post: LR-Support-Tip BPM 9.23 now supports VuGen 11.52


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Re: VuGen 11.04 hangs on open or save



Thank you for the quick reply, the links you provided were quite helpful in diagnosing my issue.


What I hadn't considered, but which is covered in the article KM1150692 entitled "VuGen hangs when trying to use the 'Open Script' button", is that my problems began after disconnecting an external monitor from my notebook. I reconnected the external monitor in the same mode (extended desktop), attempted to open a script & the "open" dialog box appeared on the 2nd display. I was then able to open up the script and continue working normally.


Thanks again for your help!