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VUgen 11.52 and SHR Sybase IQ DB

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VUgen 11.52 and SHR Sybase IQ DB

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I would like to know if there is any impact of deploying SHR Sybase IQ DB on same server with HP VuGen 11.52? 



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Re: VUgen 11.52 and SHR Sybase IQ DB

Hi Duy

Answer this kind of question is little difficult. By default, we don’t have a problem with a database application installed in the same machine. The problem start when the software required by VuGen to work, and that were installed as a pre-requirement, changes because some necessary dll or library changes.

Other consideration is about a resources. Both will use resources of the machine that will affect the normal behavior/respond.

I checked the Sybase IQ 16 requirements and I did not see any inconsistence with this requirements and VuGen 11.5x.

I suggest you install both and perform a test to check the capabilities of both software and the server resources.


Rodolfo Leitón

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