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VUGen Script & Password Encoder

Andre L.
Regular Collector

VUGen Script & Password Encoder

I have created VUGen script and it is running fine. But I need to encrypt the password. Any help on this would be appreciated.

The script is an HTTP/HTML and the section of the code with the password looks like this:

"Name=username", "Value=UserName", ENDITEM,
"Name=login-form-type", "Value=pwd", ENDITEM,
"Name=password", "Value=Password", ENDITEM,

How do I get the password to be encrypted?


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Andre L.
Regular Collector

Re: VUGen Script & Password Encoder

I found out what I was doing wrong. Hope this helps others.

If you take the line

"Name=password", "Value=Passwor", ENDITEM,

as an example. I was only highlighting the Password. This did not give me the option of encrypting. I found that I needed to highlight Value=test1234 then right click and select Encrypt string. In doing so I was able to encrypt and the script ran fine.
Andre L.
Regular Collector

Re: VUGen Script & Password Encoder

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event