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Using LoadRunner to test Web Services

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Using LoadRunner to test Web Services



I would like to use LoadRunner to test  Web Services. 

Could anyone please share your experiences and give me some advises?

Is there any  document that I can read for my reference?


Thanks in advance,




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Re: Using LoadRunner to test Web Services

You have to have the web services protocol licensed. Its usually in the SOA bundle. Scripting is straight foward. The best source of documentation for this is the vugen manual. Basically you import your WSDL, add then add the service you want to test.

For JSON services use the HTTP protocol since they are not SOAP or XML.
James Leatherma
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Re: Using LoadRunner to test Web Services

I have found a great deal of success in using only the HTTP protocol for web service testing. I build the request in SOAPui and copy it into a web_custom_request.


Re: Using LoadRunner to test Web Services

That's not a bad idea, I may end up giving that a try.

Nathan Bramble
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Re: Using LoadRunner to test Web Services

I agree with James Leatherman and we have been doing the same thing for two years now. The network protocol is the same, you're just talking about a different format for the body of the web packet. Our developers use SOAPUI (free!) during development, it's a breeze to port the SOAPUI service calls into a web_custom_request in LR.


If you really want a short cut you can even set SOAPUI as the application you record in LR and record it running the posts to your services from there, generating the code automagically.

James Leatherma
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Re: Using LoadRunner to test Web Services

OK - at this point, I have warmed up to the Web Services protocol a bit, mostly because I can use 'Import SOAP' to build my request. I use SOAPui to build the request, then save the XML off to a file, then import into VuGen. As long as there is no web service security enabled in the test enviornment, this is probably the easiest method.


Re: Using LoadRunner to test Web Services


Re: Using LoadRunner to test Web Services

We also use SOAP over HTTP like James Leatherman mentioned.


James is referring about security.

If security is an issue then Loadrunner as two options for working with certificates:

web_set_certificate and web_set_certificate_ex.


Also those guys over at networks can manage a lot of things in their infrastructure.

Per example: the case-sensitvity of the request URL could be case-sensitive.


Just some examples.



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Re: Using LoadRunner to test Web Services

Hi lkzho,


Hope doing good and have done work on web services application testing by using Load Runner.


I am new for web services protocal in Load Runner even i do not know how to generate script.Could you please let me know the proper steps to generate script by using .war file in load runner with web services protocal.


Thanks in advance !!!



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Re: Using LoadRunner to test Web Services

Be forewarned, though. In our testing, we discovered that the Web Services protocol adds some 'wasted time' to all requests, and this wasted time slowly increases over the duration of the test.

It's not so big a problem if your response and thinktimes are high enough, but I've had some tests where thinktimes were driving the load and when wasted time exceeds a second and your think time is less than a fraction of a second it starts to dominate your load profile.

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Re: Using LoadRunner to test Web Services

Hi All,


This is Vel. I am new to Performance Testing and Load Runner.


I have been doing functional(Manual) testing for 4 years and Automation Testing (QTP) for 2 years, before moving to Performance Testing (Load Runner).


My first project in Performance testing is an application with Web Services. We have decided to use Load Runner.


I have done few recordings of some application flow and face the below issues,


1. The application under test just asks for registering for only first time (User id and password) in the particular machine. Later when the application is opened while recording, it just opens the home page directly without asking for credentials.


2. Many values captured in the recording seem to be encrypted. How do I deal with that?


3. Some dynamic values (Which I try to co-relate) for request and response appear within the same Soap Request. I could not find the same value anywhere in any of the previous Soap Requests. Any points about this?


4. When I replay the script after co-relation, during the run time, the values for the corelation are not displayed. Just the co-relation name is displayed while the script replays. Am I missing something here?


I understand that I have posted lots of questions. Pardon my ignorance please. Any help would be appreciated.




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Re: Using LoadRunner to test Web Services

Hi all


I am enountering another problem where we are required to add a huge set of data in the web service call.

How do we go about it...as we are not able to direclty add all the data as a parameter as it is seen as multiple lines or records and not one block of code.


We have also tried to paste the section directly beteen the "base64data> </base64date>" in the vUgen action but vUgen crahses as there is close to 9000 lines of data dat we paste starting and ending with quotes ", as required.


Hope someone else has encountered something similar and found a solution for it.




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Re: Using LoadRunner to test Web Services



Please review the following discussion:



Kind regards,

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Re: Using LoadRunner to test Web Services

Hi frds,


I beginner of webservices protocol ,how to record  xml file in load runner(" I am using web service protocol ") and if you have any webservice protocol  document pls forward it the below email address.

Email:- blackganesh123@gmail.com.

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Re: Using LoadRunner to test Web Services



Can you please guide the steps to do this? I am stuck at the same requirement. I have wsdl file where in I imported it to SOAPUI and then I selected a request in soap ui, so with ctrl+s I saved it to xml file. But now how can I import this vugen?

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event