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Using LoadRunner on virtual images of machine

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Using LoadRunner on virtual images of machine

We have different products built upon same framework and architecture and idea to build a common performance lab and dedicated performance team to measure up performance of the various products. I am looking answers for my following queries regarding this which will certainly help me in moving ahead with this planning.


1. If we buy single HP loadrunner licenese and create separate virtual image for various products, then will it be possible

     to use Loadrunner tool on various created images (for various products) simultaneously?

     e.g.  If we get 2 simultaneously requests from different product groups to measure their product performance then

              will it be possible to run loadrunner tool simultaneously on different virtual image at the same time?


2. Will this idea help us in reducing licensing cost as overall licensing cost will be shared accross different product



3. Any negative impact on performance metrics on measuring peformance on virtual image?



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Re: Using LoadRunner on virtual images of machine


I dotn really understand what you mean by "virtual image", if by that you mean vietual user (script) the answer is no, you cannot create 1 single script for multiple applications/products, each deployment is unique and requires its own srcipt, but that has no cost in terms of license, license matters for the type of virtual user and the ammount of vuser you run at the same time, so even if you create 1000 scripts it is for free,  you can create script for all the protocols and as many as you need and it is for free, the license will decide what allows you to run from controller and how many,  for reduce cost I ercommend you to go for VUDs (virtual user days) and to use preformance center, in general is much more complex and more expesive, but if you see the whole picture it will save cost, same with VUDs, answer for question 3 is no, since this is not possible.