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Using A Load Generator

Barry Alkis
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Using A Load Generator

I have a script that uses certificates for authentication. I have a parameter for this with 400 cert names. My setting for the parameter is Unique, Each Iteration and Continue with last.

When I run all 400 users on the controller, 

User 1 gets Cert 1 and uses that for each iteration
User 2 gets Cert 2 and uses that for each iteration
User 3 gets Cert 3 and uses that for each iteration

However... I have introduced a load generator to the mix. The parameter data file ins stored on that laptop in the same directory as the controller.

When I run I am having this problem.

The first time User 1 runs, the script uses Cert 1 but then uses Cert 2 for the remainder of the time of the test.

Each user does this where it uses a Cert and then increments to the next one. This is causing errors as all my Certificates are used up after 200 users so the other 200 users fail.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Using A Load Generator

And if you remove that LG the behavior goes away?



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Re: Using A Load Generator


this is because the settings used on the parameters update, since this is unique, depending on the option you choose for "update value on" it will spend earlier than expected the available parameter list, so you need to choose the option "once" in there so each vuser get the same parameter and keeps itfor the whole test, like this you will be able to run up to 400 vusers.


hope this help