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Timeout Issue

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Timeout Issue


I have recorded a script. While replaying back the script I am getting a timeout error which says -

Action.c(21): Error -27782: Timeout (120 seconds) exceeded while waiting to receive data for URL

I tried to increase the step download time from the default value of 120 to 500. However, it did not helped. Please help me resolve this issue.



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Prasenjit Dutta
Senior Member

Re: Timeout Issue

Check the action transaction much it is taking to complete.....then check it with the LR and if manually also it is taking more time then talk to the might be a problem with the application side.
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Re: Timeout Issue


I have checked it. The page takes some time to load in the manual mode also. However, i have got a fix for the same in the load runner.

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Re: Timeout Issue

Hi Experts,


I have checked in two ways , manually its finish 10 sec before compare than LR script replay,


for this what i have to do?pls give me some idea..

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event