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Start page of application not recorded

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Start page of application not recorded

Hi all,


I have a strange behaviour, which I can't solve:


- I record the login + logout to our CRM application. The URL is something like http://server.com/carambaLS1/

- Then I generate the script.

- Now, in the script, there is no call to the above URL, but something like the following:



- The problem is: Before(!) that call, there is a cookie-statement like the following:

        "uG269Zjd9LSpyq/yO0fwWXaE1GzQnqAPCgutt5n+siwOV8iYAooE7rg0N2ANLBIgfmNrEojxqiaasaHALN4UBIXd3CVBV/330ZlKI1aPkqXql6H7RYQ0bJ5lXWeSSfS+raWeMT5m8a9CXsDmLplLewb7oays4wiE+wy0TC2m90ub0c2gLmiFggs94gLP2RAZOJETy0dng7ghlExuCR9XmlXktcjx0KMxM+RPHwV; DOMAIN=ibkcrmd1.muc");


- This statement sets among other the SMSESSION.


Where does the SMSESSION come from? During recording, it seems to come from the simple URL I call, but during replay this URL is not called. Instead, the above first call allready uses the SMSESSION!

(Of course, I cant always use the SMSESSION from recording time; i need to create a new SMSESSION - but how, if I can't get it from a server response?)


I' confused... could anybody push me into the right direction, please?

Thanks a lot!



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Re: Start page of application not recorded

Hi Andreas

This SMSession is a session from the appliction server (I think a Siebel) and your computer to identify the user.  Normally it has a connection time so during this time you can access the appliction with the same session ID. The SMSession is created by the server when you access it and depend how was configure the security, this value has different uses.

Please comment/remove it, and check if LoadRunner will use the new one when access the server again.


Rodolfo Leitón

HP LR/PC Support

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Re: Start page of application not recorded

Thanks Rodolfo, for your advice!


Yes, the SMSESSION's function is clear to me. The point is, I would expect that it is sent from the server upon the request to the start page, http://server.com/carambaLS1/. But this request is not recorded, it is simply missing in the script. If I add it manually, it does not receive an SMSESSION when called. Instead, it gets something like 421-byte request headers for "https://server.com/s/SmMakeCookie.ccc?SMSESSION=QUERY&PERSIST=0&TARGET=... - you see, the SmMakeCookie function is called to get a SMSESSION, but in the subsequent web_url calls still only the SMSESSION=QUERY comes, no real SMSESSION.


I have understood that I have to comment out the cookie as it was recorded. That session is timed out in replay time.


Any suggestions would be appreciated...

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Re: Start page of application not recorded

Problem solved.


I was not aware of the fact, that the client I got from the customer to work with was not installed with the correct Enterprise Client software. It was missing some Siebel specific installations.


I tried it now with a proper client PC, and it worked.


Thanks a lot to Rodolfo again!