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Special characters problem

Occasional Advisor

Special characters problem


I use LoadRunner 11.52. I got a problem of delimiters. The delimiters are not parameter delimiters({}) but delimiters such as ",".


My Load tests between LoadRunner and a web server are seemingly successful. But the connections between a web server and a gateway server are failed in the server logs. The problem was a korean character delimiter.



LoadRunner ---[successful]---> web server ---[failed]---> gateway server ---[n/a]---> database server



   "paramData", "Value=123?456", ENDITEM, 


The "?" in the 123?456 is originally a korean character delimiter. But LoadRunner sends requests not as the korean character but as the "?" itself.

I replaced the "?" with the korean character itself, unicode and url-encode in the Action.c. Nevertheless all I have done was nothing but a waste of effort.

How can I solve this problem?


Thanks in advance.


HPE Expert

Re: Special characters problem

What's the system local of you system? If it's not Korean, please try to change it to Korean.
Occasional Advisor

Re: Special characters problem

Thank you for your help.

My systems are not korean.

To tell the truth, this problem has been solved.

I  checked the Support charset (UTF-8)  in the  Recording Options when I generated my script.

But this setting was not good.

I unchecked  the Support charset, after that, regenerated my script.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event