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Snapshot not generating for text check error.

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Snapshot not generating for text check error.

Hello all,


I have a web HTML/HTTP vugen script that has me perplexed.   I've been searching for an explaination as to why snapshots are not being generated for certain errors, for instance some Text Check failures.  I do receive snapshots for "Step download timeouts", some "500 errors" and some other "Text Checks" that the script has been getting.  Issue in this case, which I'm trying to resolve, is a Text Check in the beginning of the script and within the first transaction.  No snapshot is generated when the text is not found.


I've opened up the script's data folder and there are absolutely no snapshots stored there from the original recording and when I replay the script in VuGen I am not getting replay snapshots.  I have generate snapshots on error turned on, web_url has Snapshot=t220.inf defined.  I also turned on "save snapshots resources locally" on replay.  Any explaination would be great as I have no answer for the application team as to why we aren't seeing what is there when the text check isn't found.


HP BSM version 9.13

HP BPM version 9.13

HP VuGen version 11.04






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Re: Snapshot not generating for text check error.

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Re: Snapshot not generating for text check error.

Snapshot on error capture the last response form the server. in case of time out, you got no response, hence no snapshot on error.

If you don't get HTML body response you will not see any snapshot.