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Siebel 8.1 with LoadRunner

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Siebel 8.1 with LoadRunner

We have been researching using Siebel 8.1 with LoadRunner and are unsure of the compatibility. Our Siebel materials state that a Siebel load correlation library needs to be loaded in the mercury bin folder (we have the DLL - it is ssdtcorr.dll) and needs to be imported into LoadRunner. Our goal for April is to stress test Siebel 8.1 with LoadRunner. Is Siebel 8.1 supported in LoadRunner 9.5 and what needs to be loaded for it to work? Do I need to be licensed for Siebel to make this work?


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Re: Siebel 8.1 with LoadRunner

The most current matix that I have is for 9.1 and it supports 8.0. My guess is that since you have the dll that 9.5 may support 8.1. The instructions on how to load the dll are in the VuGen Pt2 manual under Siebel-Web Protocol. To run Siebel users in the controller you will need a license. Siebel-Web comes under the Oracle E-business bundle.

You can however record you script in VuGen without a license.

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Re: Siebel 8.1 with LoadRunner

Joe, Where you able to resolve this Siebel 8.1 & loadrunner 9.5?
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Re: Siebel 8.1 with LoadRunner

Hi I try to record Siebel 8.1 with LoadRunner 11, the IE8 is crashing.

Do you have anybody enountered the issue with it.
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Re: Siebel 8.1 with LoadRunner

hi Allan,


I also meet probelm when using LR 9.5 to test siebel 8.1, does your mean copy the

ssdtcorr.dll file to LR bin folder?  what is the size of the file, in my computer, this file is 400k, and I check whit the file under siebel application, the size is same, and our siebel is upgrade from siebel 7.8. Cound you send me the

ssdtcorr.dll of siebel 8.1 to me? Thanks