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Proxy Query

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Proxy Query

Hi Folks,


We are having two machines in one location and we have created a script and copied in those two machines. 


In one machine, we have given "web_set_secure_proxy()" function in the script for sending the requests via a proxy server. In another machine we didn't include that function.


Our main intention is to compare the following


1. Response time that LR is providing when it is sending requests & receiving responses via a Proxy

2. Response time that LR is providing when it is sending requests & receiving response directly from App (without Proxy).


After executing the script from vugen, we were able to see that the response time (via Proxy) are showing lesser than the other machine which accessing app directly. 


But in real scenario response time (via Proxy Machine) should be higher than the machine which sending requests directly to the server.


It would be grateful if any one can help me to understand why it is happening ? What could be the possible reasons for this kind of scenario?





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Re: Proxy Query

I would suggest to first execute the load test from the Controller as VuGen runs the script in debug mode and the response times may not be accurate.