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Pop - up view and close in Ajax Tru client


Pop - up view and close in Ajax Tru client

Hi there


I have recorded a Ajax Tru client script which has a button to open up a PDF document. The PDF pop up does appear. I would like to know if you can view the PDF and also close the document and than continue the script. If that is not possible can you suggest a way to close the pop up. I have copied the dll file but that does not help me open or close the pdf document. Any suggestions or ideas will be highly appreaciated.

Thank you




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Shlomi Nissim
Micro Focus Expert

Re: Pop - up recognition in Ajax Tru Client Protocol



I think the last post deserve a new topic. While your case talks about pop-up it is still a unique one, based on pdf.


Can you please open a new topic for it?


Generally speaking, TruClient does not support PDF content, but if the pdf document is opened in regualr browser window and not special view I think TC might be able to open and close it.


We need to understand better how this window look like. Can you attached a screenshot in the new topic?





P.S. please email me when the new topic was created so I will attend it.