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Performance Center on Virtualized environment

Venkatesan Kube

Performance Center on Virtualized environment


 Any one have successful performance center environment in virtualization environment. We are trying to build a Performance center lab with ALM. We are looking into building a environment with 1 ALM and 2 PC server instances and 2 controllers to start with and will grow (so, need room to grow) and 15 load generators.

  As we have space constraint we need to limit our boxes/servers to 2 or 3, so I am looking for very high end machines with high memory and CPU.


It would be grateful if someone suggest me a suitable server or vendor to go with.



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Re: Performance Center on Virtualized environment

I am trying the same with VMWare. 


I am using Windows Server 2012.  Downloaded and installed Azure .Net for most of prereqs.


Once the prequisites are installed, you can install Performance Center 11.50 Successfully, but I found out you must first have ALM installed first.


I am getting error message telling me that ALM won't install on Windows NT.


I don't get it.  Windows 2012 is far from Windows NT.  Is the issue with VMWare?


I need some help, as I need to get the environment up.