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Pacing vs think time

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Pacing vs think time

Hi All,

I am a newbie to LoadRunner. I would like to knw the difference between pacing and think time ? Is it mandatory to set pacing and think time during the test ? If so Y and what happens if pacing and think time are ignored ? 

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Re: Pacing vs think time



Pacing allows you to control the time between iterations. The pace tells the Vuser how long to wait between iterations of your actions.


Think time enables you to configure the think time settings, controlling the time that a VuGen waits between actions. It is designed to help you emulate a real user. VuGen uses lr_think_time functions to record think time values into your Vuser scripts.


You can find additional information about these settings in LoadRunner user guide.


If the think time or iteration pacing approaches zero, or almost none the test will may show higher resource consumption on the server which should increase with the number of  vusers used during the test.


The choicing think time settings and Pacing will depend on your business process and the type of test you need: real-world load testing or stress testing.


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Re: Pacing vs think time

Go through the below link and let me know if you need any help.




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