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Outlook Web Access Script

Occasional Contributor

Outlook Web Access Script


I am currently working to produce a level of traffic on our network using LoadRunner to access Outlook Web Access. 


I have successfully been able to Log In, Create Emails and then Send them.  Is anyone able to advise whether it is possible to automate the transmission of emails which contain an attachment as I have been unable to do so.


(I am recording the script using http)


Many thanks in advance



Occasional Contributor

Re: Outlook Web Access Script

Hello Leanne,


I have been able to record Office365 application which is very similar (I think). Can you please give details about what is going on?


I remember I was able to record with no issues but there were a lot of correlations to do.



Occasional Advisor

Re: Outlook Web Access Script

Hi Leanne, 

I am having same requirement as yours. But I am not even able to record the application. I am getting error "The Security certificate issued by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority".

I put that URL in trusted sites in IE. Still I am getting same error.

Can you please tell me if you did any setting in IE for this?

Thanks in advance. 


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event