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Oracle WebApp 11i - web_image_link fail in other systems

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Oracle WebApp 11i - web_image_link fail in other systems

Hi ,


I've developed a Oracle WebApp 11i script using VuGen 11.52.


The script is working fine in my PC, however the same script fails in other PCs.


The error was at a step where the user expands a tree, using web_image_link function

Action.c(28): Error -26227: Image not found  [MsgId: MERR-26227]


the actual step is 




I've changed the Co-ordinates to 100,100 to find what wrong as the other system is having a smaller screen. but there was no issue with whatever co-ordinates I change, as far as in my PC.


How exactly this function works, what are the things I should look into to fix this issue?



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Re: Oracle WebApp 11i - web_image_link fail in other systems



You can find information about this function in Help->Function reference -> Search -> type web_image_link

In your case you should review Function Uses -> Clicking on an Image Link


The difference between  "ClickCoordinates=4,8",  and "ClickCoordinates=100,100",  is too big. 

What I would suggest you instead of guessing, record a new script with the same business process on the new machine and check the correct coordinates.  Please also check in this step if there will be other differences in Description and Action part.


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Re: Oracle WebApp 11i - web_image_link fail in other systems

Thanks for the tip.

As its the tree I had clicked on the the +, - buttons, but since I can click on the Text Link too, I have updated to use the web_text_link function with "Text=Link_Name"...

Its working fine now.