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.Net and Oracle Forms

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.Net and Oracle Forms



We need to perform load test for an Oracle Forms an .Net applications (not web).


Is Load Runner able to record and perform this test or it only works for web protocols?


Could we use Load Runner "in the cloud" version to perform these tests?



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Re: .Net and Oracle Forms

Hello rgzl


when you mentions (not web) are you saying that your applications doesn´t uses http or tcp? even if it is not web but it uses http or tcp you can use web protocol from LR, or does your application uses wcf or .Net ADO to communicate?

Once you know what protocol your application uses  you can choose the proper LRr protocol for recording.


Yes after that you can run it from LoadRunner cloud version

Kind regards,

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Re: .Net and Oracle Forms

Thanks for the info.


We have an http interface and it calls an Oracle Forms applet. These forms calls other .Net forms and we want to create a combined script with both protocols. Is possible?


Another question, it´s neccesary to install agents in the architecture machines to monitorize? or just with LR it´s enough to obtain metrics like CPU, RAM... from the other machines (not the injector one).


Thanks again

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event