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Monitoring Integration Points

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Monitoring Integration Points

Our company is working on integrating Guidewire(claims processing system) into the existing claims system. We will be executing performance tests on the integrated system shortly. I wanted to know if there was some way to monitor the integration points specific to guidewire. The system is connected through Web Services. We have access to Loadrunner and Sitescope, and are comfortable with using other open source tools also.

I realize monitoring WSDL files is an option, Could you suggest additional methods to monitor the integration points?

James Leatherma
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Re: Monitoring Integration Points

My advice is to not try for the "hail mary" end-to-end, soup to nuts workflow. Take each integration point as a separate entity, and push volumes through these points according to the NFRs. You have to insist on a level of granularity in the NFRs that will allow you to do this.


For those endpoints that are monitorable, use SiteScope to collect host performance metrics. For those that are not (DataPower), just concentrate on transaction times. I don't know what you are referring to when you say "monitor the WSDL".


Good luck - GuideWire is a relatively stable solution, but the data conversion and systems integration pieces can be a nightmare to try to performance test around.