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MAPI Message ID Confusion

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MAPI Message ID Confusion

Hi all,


I’m trying to create a MAPI script to emulate the sending and receiving of emails and have found a problem, if anyone has any knowledge of this and could share – I’d be very appreciative:


Upon capturing the Message ID like so:

msgid = mapi_get_property_sz_ex(&mapi,"Message ID");

I get the following output:



However, when I look at the actual message ID in Outlook I see:

Message-ID: <CF32E128A67DC84C98635F2558E412D50FAB4E0B@lkw-s-53402.****************.com>


Any ideas why this is happening? How I can get around it? This mismatch is preventing me from clearing out old messages as they rely on the MessageID to be matched.