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Loadrunner general scripting tips

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Loadrunner general scripting tips

I need some tips on how to construct good VUGen scripts in Loadrunner.

First, is it recommended to split a recorded Action() block into separate custom named Actions, not having the entire scenario in one action. If yes, why is this a good practice?

What is the benefit of seperating log in logic in the init() part of the script, if any?

Is it necessary to use iterations? What is the benefit?

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Re: Loadrunner general scripting tips

The correct way to learn how to use LoadRunner properly is to do the following:


1. Get formal training.

2. Ensure you have a mentor for your first few projects. 


Based on your question it's very obvious those two things aren't in place. 




PS I suggest marking my post as the solution and if possible I recommend this thread be closed by a mod. And possibly rename the title so that trained LoadRunner users don't actually think this is a general tips thread. (The questions are too basic for the answers to be considered tips, it's more just basic training knowledge)