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LoadRunner C#.NET Vuser

Occasional Contributor

LoadRunner C#.NET Vuser

Hi All,


Please help me how to use this function in Visual Studio LoadRunner C#.NET Vuser:

LoadRunner.WebApi web = new LoadRunner.WebApi();

web.url("", "URL=");

web.submit_form("login.php", "Name=userName, Value=mercury, ENDITEM," +
                    "Name=password, Value=mercury, ENDITEM", "LAST");


I tried multiple times but system is always present incorrect page after submit form


Please help,

Thanks so much

HPE Expert

Re: LoadRunner C#.NET Vuser

Hi Phuong

Could you please add the extended log for this section?. I want to know more information about this issue.


Rodolfo Leitón

HP LR/PC Support

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Re: LoadRunner C#.NET Vuser

Thanks for your reply,


LoadRunner.LrApi lr;
LoadRunner.WebApi web;

string vData = "Name=username, Value=jojo, ENDITEM, Name=password, Value=bean, ENDITEM, LAST";

string strOption = "Resource=0, RecContentType=text/html, Referer=, Snapshot=t1.inf, Mode=HTML, LAST";

web.url("index.htm", "URL=", strOption);
web.submit_form("", "Snapshot=t2.inf", vData);

And log file


Thanks so much,

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event