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LoadRunner 11.52 - VuGen - C interpreter run time error

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LoadRunner 11.52 - VuGen - C interpreter run time error



VuGen is throwing the following error. This error is because of the one particular value in the parameter file.

I have tried using the Item Name instead of the parameter - p_ItemName, the VuGen fails only for item Oven, for the rest of the values in the parameter file the script passes.


The script is able to fetch the value for Oven, and after that it throws the below error and it terminates.

web_set_max_html_param_len is at 9999999. Kindly help me resolve this issue. 


Action.c (1051): Error: C interpreter run time error: Action.c (1051):  Error -- memory violation : Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION received.

Notify: Transaction "Transaction_05" ended with "Stop" status (Duration: 81.6498 Wasted Time: 0.3366).

Action was aborted.

Ending Vuser...

Starting action vuser_end.

Action.c(1051): Error: An exception was raised while calling invocation function in interpreter extension cciext.dll: System Exceptions: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION.

Ending action vuser_end.

Vuser Terminated.


Correlation Function –



                               "LB=<option value=\””,






                                "Action=…………………. ",








                                "Name=__EVENTTARGET", "Value=", ENDITEM,

                                "Name=__EVENTARGUMENT", "Value=", ENDITEM,

                                "Name=__LASTFOCUS", "Value=", ENDITEM,

                                "Name=__VIEWSTATE", "Value= {ViewState_OS2}", ENDITEM,

                                "Name=__EVENTVALIDATION", "Value= {EventValidation_OS2}", ENDITEM,

                                "Name=__VIEWSTATEENCRYPTED", "Value=", ENDITEM,

                                "Name=ctl00$hidScrollX", "Value=0", ENDITEM,

                                "Name=ctl00$currentMenuMode", "Value=ExpandMenu", ENDITEM,

                                "Name= ContentPlaceHolder2$cboCountry", "Value={c_cboCountry}", ENDITEM,

                                "Name= ContentPlaceHolder2$cboCategory", "Value={c_cboCategory}", ENDITEM,


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Re: LoadRunner 11.52 - VuGen - C interpreter run time error

"web_set_max_html_param_len is at 9999999"


This value seems extremely high. You intend to capture a 9.9 million character response? That could be why you are accessing memory you shouldnt. Make this value more realistic and try again.



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Re: LoadRunner 11.52 - VuGen - C interpreter run time error


Having the function web_set_max_html_param_len at 9999999 is a extremely bad practice, this will cause memory issue while running your load test, as general rule any value bigger than 3000 should be reviewed carefully since you are reserving too much memory for a variable that doesn't require this.

For your specific problem it is caused by the RB, you are not supposed to use a parameter as boundary, depending on the version of vugen the use of { } is not even supported, leaving your RB as "RB=\” should be enough to resolve the crash and to capture the required value.