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LoadRunner (11.5) Licensing Questions

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LoadRunner (11.5) Licensing Questions

I've been tasked to learn LR in a relatively short amount of time. I've downloaded the trial and messed around enough to, at very least, understand the software. However, when it comes to licensing I've either not found the right info or have read into some info wrong. Either way, here's my situation...


I work for a company who's contract falls under 6.8 (NAVY) and we're helping 7.2 (NAVY) to prepare for a huge increase in users later this year.  It was discovered that 7.2 had a LR Admin late last year, but that person moved on from the position...and that position was never filled. We finally located that server that hosts the LR software, but nobody is "up-to-speed" on the software. We also found that there are still active licenses on that machine. However, we'll need more licenses for VuGen to simulate more vusers.


In a nutshell (just a general overview) could someone explain how LR is licensed?


Also, I've taken a copy of the LR install from the server and have installed it on my local desktop. However, the licensing isn't the same as the licenses found on the server. I believe, if I understand the software correctly, that I'll only be generating scripts from LR on my desktop. Can I add the licenses from the server to my desktop or will I need to purchase separate licenses for this to work?


Does VuGen require separate licenses than the other parts of LR? As in, to create more vusers I need more licenses for VuGen...would I also need more licenses for other facets of LR to comply with newly acquired VuGen licenses?


Any guidance in any part of this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!

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Re: LoadRunner (11.5) Licensing Questions

First off, I suggest you contact HP sales. If you have access to your support contract you will be able to work out your issues quickly.


Second, I suggest you hire someone at least temporarily to help you find out what you need to do and how to do it: Licensing, environment, scripting, test execution and analysis. Get a consultant. Good LoadRunner consultants aren't cheap and before actually hiring someone, talk to the consultant's previous customers. There are expensive consultants that are incredibly bad at their job as well, so price tag alone isn't a quality measurement.


Third, even if you install Vugen and Analysis standalone on your desktop, you already have a server (Controller, I assume) from which you will execute your tests. You do not need to install any licenses on the desktop on which you develop your scripts. The licenses apply to the Controller, not to Vugen or Analysis.


Again, talk to HP. They will be more than happy to help you out, but before agreeing to whatever licenses they suggest, check with a good experienced LoadRunner consultant.

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Re: LoadRunner (11.5) Licensing Questions



You need licenses for running tests in LoadRunner Controller.


There are no licenses required for the other LoadRunner components i.e VuGen and Analysis.


The licenses are grouped in Bundles base on the protocol which is used to create the Vugen script you are planning to run in the Controller. Please find a link to LoadRunner 11.5x licensing bundles. http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM1412003


You will need to buy new licenses when your test requires more Vusers from a specific bundle type than the number of licenses that you currently have from this bundle.


Regarding the license which you are not able to install on another machine, usually you provide the controller machine Host ID when you purchasing new LoadRunner licenses. This means that you will not be able to install a license issued for one machine on another machine.


There is a new licensing mechanism starting from LoadRunner 11.50. This means that if the licenses were issued for an older version of the product and you want to upgrade to LoadRunner 11.5x the licenses should be reissued, so that they can be used with LR 11.5x.


The license can be reissued if you open a licensing case with HP Support. I would suggest you to check you licensing contract as well.


If you need assistance for buying new licenses please send me your contact details in a private message using the mail button  located at the top right part of this page. 


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