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Load runner support to thick client

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Load runner support to thick client



One of our application(Thick client ,Client Server application) is developed in .NET Framework that uses WCF service-oriented architecture (including components developed in C# and VB.NET).I would like to know whether load runner can be used for conducting performance test for this application




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Re: Load runner support to thick client

Most likely.

Try the Web Services or Service Test vuser type if you have access to a WSDL. If you do not have access to HP Service Test, you can still build a web services script in Vugen, either using a WSDL or by recording the client application.

Of course the best way to find out is to download the trial and give it a shot. If you are unfamiliar with LoadRunner, you can try using the Protocol Advisor in the File menu under Virtual User Generator (Vugen). The trial can be downloaded at www.hp.com/go/loadrunner

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Re: Load runner support to thick client

I actually had a conversation with a guy that had this very same issue. I didn't know about WCF but doing a little research on it and LR11, it should be supported with the SOA protocol. Using the Protocol Advisor should let you gain insight to what LR can capture. I believe you can even script a scenario using the VuGen without having a license for the protocol. However, you will only be able to use it in a single user situation as the controller will need to be licensed to drive load with the script.
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Re: Load runner support to thick client



Which Protocol did you end up using? Thanks.