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Load Runner Script Stepdown timeout error for uploading file attachment in PeopleSoft 9.2

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Load Runner Script Stepdown timeout error for uploading file attachment in PeopleSoft 9.2

I recorded a script in load runner 9.52 on Oracle Enterprise PeopleSoft (PS) 9.2 web application.


The script is used for General Ledger Journals upload, submit, edit as well as file attachment upload in Journal header.


The script is verified with all the correlations including ICSID for both journal submitter and approver. They are working fine for a signle user replay.


  "LB/IC=name='ICSID' id='ICSID' value='",


All ICStateNum are consistent within the same ICSID.


In orther words, no potential correlation issues as all correlations are done manully from response data with unique boundary instead of using auto correlation from load runner embeded funtion.


In addition, all ICSID has been converted to URL format during AJAX URL request.


  //Convert parameter ICSID_Submitter_URL to URL format to be used for AJAX


High level test case includes the following steps.


1. Submitter import journal, make sure all the fields in the header and journal lines have values

2. Submitter login PS 9.2

3. Navigate to the page: Create/Update Journal Entries

4. Goto Tab: Find an Existing Value

5. Search journal by BU and Journal ID

6. Open journal

7. Add attachment in Header tab

8. Go To Line tab

9. Edit journal, journal status is changed to V

10. Submit Journal

11. Submitter Signout

12. Approver login

13. Approver open the wordlist, find the journal

14. click on the journal

15. Navigate to Approval tab

16. click on the Submit button to approve the journal

17. Approver sign out


Run with less 30 users for a single script, no issues and errors.


But while running more users and loads, the script failed at step 7 for uploading file attachments.


Please note, every user has different attachment with size less than 15KB. The type of attachments are email, excel, JPG and word file, which are common accepted PeopleSoft attachments.


During load runner execution, the runtime setting of "http keep live time out" has been set for 1000 seconds in load runner scripts. However, during executing load runner scripts with mutiple users in performance center, the failures show "


The sumamry of attachment upload during running load tests in HP performance center:


  • 30 max concurrent users, each user upload 1 attachment/journal, 2 attachments failed, 40 attachments passed
  • 50 max concurrent users, each user upload 1 attachment/journal, 5 attachments failed, 45 attachments passed
  • 80 max concurrent users, each user upload 1 attachment/journals, 56 attachment failed, 72 attachment passed


While running the load tests above, the failure of uploading attachment in PeopleSoft Journal Header can also be manually reproduced in local machine.



The detailed manual steps to create the scripts are:


1. Configure correct users which have been manually verified to upload journal and attachment.


2. Open PS9.2 login page


3. Login with username and Password, click "Sign In" button


4, Go to Main Menu > General Ledger > Journals > Journal Entry > Create/Update Journal Entries


5. Go To "Find An Existing Value tab"


6. Input


Business Unit:   

Journal ID:   

Click "Search" button


7. On the "Header" tab, click "Attachment" link


8. Click "Add Attachment", click "Browse" to select attachments from file attachment dialog.


9. In the popup dialog, Click "Upload" button to upload attachment selected from load drive, for instances, "C:\PeopleSoftJournalEntryUpload\Attachment Files\Email Format Attachment1.msg"



Expected Result:


File Attachment uploaded successfully with "Details" displayed under header tab



Actual Result:


The waiting progress circle keeps showing for attachment to be uploaded but never stop successfully.

There is a circle process bar keep running while waiting for attachment to be upload, but never stops and the attachment never gets uploaded.




After reviewing the script, I cannot spot any errors and all the replay for single or less concurrent users are totally fine without any errors and warning.

Oracle experts also did some tests using their tools and cannot see anything from their sides.


It will be much appreicated if any one has experienced the same situation and could shed the lights to walk me through the dark.


The part in the script for uploading the attachment has two requests and the first request pass but the second failed during more users load which should be able to support as per previous baseline with attachment indicated.


There is a text check for "File attachment failed" which is a message returned from server while file attachment failed. This message display while the stepdown timeout error happened.




 web_reg_find("Text/IC=File attachment failed",





//First Request

  "Name=ICType", "Value=Panel", ENDITEM,
  "Name=ICElementNum", "Value=0", ENDITEM,
  "Name=ICStateNum", "Value=6", ENDITEM,
  "Name=ICAction", "Value=#ICOK", ENDITEM,
  "Name=ICXPos", "Value=0", ENDITEM,
  "Name=ICYPos", "Value=0", ENDITEM,
  "Name=ResponsetoDiffFrame", "Value=-1", ENDITEM,
  "Name=TargetFrameName", "Value=None", ENDITEM,
  "Name=FacetPath", "Value=None", ENDITEM,
  "Name=ICFocus", "Value=", ENDITEM,
  "Name=ICSaveWarningFilter", "Value=0", ENDITEM,
  "Name=ICChanged", "Value=0", ENDITEM,
  "Name=ICResubmit", "Value=0", ENDITEM,
  "Name=ICSID", "Value={ICSID_Submitter}", ENDITEM,
  "Name=ICActionPrompt", "Value=false", ENDITEM, 
  "Name=ICTypeAheadID", "Value=", ENDITEM, 
  "Name=cmd", "Value=addattach", ENDITEM,
  "Name=prompts", "Value=1", ENDITEM,
  "Name=maxfilesize", "Value=0", ENDITEM,
  "Name=stoponerror", "Value=0", ENDITEM, 
   "Name=urlid", "Value=", ENDITEM,
  "Name=CheckNum0", "Value=16838.txt", ENDITEM,
  "Name=DetailReturnCode0", "Value=0", ENDITEM,
  "Name=#ICOrigFileName", "Value={Attachment}", "File=Yes", ENDITEM, //C:\\\\PeopleSoftJournalEntryUpload\\\\Attachment Files\\\\Email Format Attachment.msg



//Second request


 if (atoi(lr_eval_string("{File_Attachment_Status}")) > 0)
  lr_error_message("File Attachment Failed");
  lr_end_transaction("Submitter_Upload_Attachments", LR_FAIL);
  lr_output_message("Edit Journal successfully.");
  lr_end_transaction("Submitter_Upload_Attachments", LR_PASS);


 Excuse me cannot post all scripts as this script has more than 20 steps.  I personally do not think it is a script issue.


"ileAttachment_failed_Message_PerformanceCentre.JPG" has the error message got from HP Performance Centre.


"FileAttachment_failed_StepdownTimeout_waitingstatus_manualProduce.JPG" shows the waiting status circle for uploading attachment which eventually causes attachment upload time out error.


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