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Load Runner Recording using Oracle WipEdit Plug - in

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Load Runner Recording using Oracle WipEdit Plug - in

We are working with a Web application which uses a WIPEDIT Plug-in to open a draft of the document.


Tools Used: Load Runner 11.0


Application : It is a Web based application which opens a draft of the document up on filling the details. The draft will be invoked and opened using Oracle WIPEDIT 12.0 Plug - in.


Issue : After the Draft is opened, when we trying to Click on the Save or Finish button on the Draft , we are getting "Extractions" error saying" Error creating the Extractions ; (Object Error) " as shown in the attachment. By which we are not able to save the document.It is happening only while recording using Vugen 11.0 and we are able to do this (Saving the Draft) succesfully while accessing the applciation manually. These functionalities works with ActiveXControl.


Work Around Tried :


1) We tried with all modes of recording using Web (HTTP/HTML) but still, we are getting this error.


2) Even with the Oracle Web 11i and Oracle NCA Protocol also, we are getting the same error.


3) We are not able to do using Click and Script protocols (Web and Ajax). We tried to select the option int he runtimesettings " Enable generation of out - of- contexts Steps" but still was not able to record and getting the above error mentioned.


4) Our applciation does not support Firefox so the Ajax TruCleint option got eliminated.


5) We tried to capture the traffic using Fiddler but we could not see any request for the above functionalities.


If anyone come across this kind of issue, kindly share your suggestions asap.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Load Runner Recording using Oracle WipEdit Plug - in

The issue does seem to be specific to the plug in. You can try truclient protocol for IE in 11.5 as an option but if not you could try using Citrix to record desktop and access the application or Remote Desktop.



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