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Load Runner 11.52 License Issue

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Load Runner 11.52 License Issue

We are facing issue with load runner license, when ever we click on load runner license validity it showing message as "Your License has expired DD/MM/YYYY" and any time we click license validity it showing the above message where the date is the previous days date.

But we are able do execution through controller.


Please help me out on this issue.

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Re: Load Runner 11.52 License Issue

Interesting, you sitll have valid licenses so this will not prevent you from running test, however this will reduce the ammount of protocols of the ammount of vusers you are actually entitled to use, my advice is to open a case with licensing department at HP so they can investigate if you got a temp key and everything is fine, of if there is some issue and if that is the case they will provide a new key that includes everything.