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LR12 - VuGen - TruClient - FF - Script Parsing Failed

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LR12 - VuGen - TruClient - FF - Script Parsing Failed



Just updated to LR12 last week, primarily for the newer version of Firefox (22) in the TruClient Protocol; as FF8 wasn't supported by our web application.  


So I can't say weather if this odd issue is new or an against  "issue". 


After recording a script using the TC protocol in FF, on the main TruGen screen it lists in the lower right area an indicator named" Script Parsing" and on this script is shows failed.  and when clicked on it shows this as the error:


Syntax error, unexpected '{', wrong token = {


And in the editor (as you know you can't actually edit in the command line editor with TC scripts) it is a line of code generated by LR12 as i was using a Toolbox Flow Control item "If Exists" <see attached - the error says line 36>

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Re: LR12 - VuGen - TruClient - FF - Script Parsing Failed

Hi John

From the image I see that the problem is in the step 6 that contain embedded steps. I not sure what is this step. Could you please show us this FF step? Is possible remove it and re-record?


Rodolfo Leitón

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