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LR not recording https popup

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LR not recording https popup



I am recording an application where the flow is to click print at the end of the function. So in the last page (say confirmation page), I need to click Print button (from the body of the page, not Click File -> Print). On clicking Print button it opens a new browser starting with https:




This will really not open the page but download a pdf file and prompt the user to either click open, save or cancel the pdf.


I start a transaction before clicking print button,  and once the pdf is saved and I get back to the original page and end the transaction. I see event count increasing in the recorder but there is no code generated for this.


Is there any way I could record the pop up window opening, download, close the window and get back to the main page? I am  using LR 9.1






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Re: LR not recording https popup

This is client side activity, LoadRunner only record communication, beside this the old 9.1 version will be declared obsolete on dec 31 (less than 2 months from now), so, you may want to try using truclient protocol, but depending on how this is generated it will simply not work.

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Re: LR not recording https popup



If you have received the PDF the process is finished. Have a look to the replay log if you can see that this happens. The selection "Save - Print" will not test the server. This will happen only on the client and therefore no request is created.


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Re: LR not recording https popup

Thanks for the reply. Will upgrading to LR 11.5.2 help?

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Re: LR not recording https popup

If there is no client/server communication in the action you are performing, it will not be captured in a traditional web protocol script even in the latest 11.52 version of LoadRunner.


It was suggested that if you upgrade to the latest version of LoadRunner you could take advantage of the TruClient protocol. This is a GUI-based protocol, and should capture the local-only activity by interacting with the user interface in a similar way as would the QuickTest Professional (QTP) tool.