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LR Upgrade

Super Contributor

LR Upgrade

Hi ,


I have 500 web2.0 vusers license running on version8. Can i use this same license key in my new v11 controller?


Will my scripts also be supported as well?


Also what information is in the eltu key for vusers:

  1. Controller name
  2. Version?
  3. Protocol
  4. No. of vusers


HPE Expert

Re: LR Upgrade

You can request the hp license team to convert the license to work with LR11.

License is depend on the Host id generated on a particular machine and the same license doesnt work on other machines. License includes the Vusers, protocols details.

HPE Expert

Re: LR Upgrade

If you are upgrading the machine where the current version of LoadRunner is installed. If you upgrade a different one then you have to request a new one since it changes the Host ID.


You can run scripts generated in prior versions of Vugen.


I am not sure what you mentioned with eltu keys? If its the license key it only carries protocol bundles, amount of vusers and monitors.




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