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LR Ajax Truclient Protocol issue with password Encrypion


LR Ajax Truclient Protocol issue with password Encrypion

Hi All, I have used all Performance testing to record a banking applicatin, but in vain as the password has been encrypted, am not able to do the record and replay.. but I tried using Ajax Truclient protocl, and I can able to record and replay the script, The Password encryption which I faced earlier , was not there, Thanks to Ajax Truclient protocl developers, But the issue is when I start running the load test, all the tests were failed, It is because of the encryption issue in Password ?? Pls clarify whether the Encrypion issue of Password can be bypassed using the Ajax truclilent protocl. Regards, Rony

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Re: LR Ajax Truclient Protocol issue with password Encrypion

LoadRunner provides the C scripting functions lr_encrypt and lr_decrypt to provide additional security.

The use of these functions will not impose any negative impacts during the load testing (should not decrease performance nor add overhead).

Loadrunner provides a feature to display an encrypted password in the script. This encrypted password is decrypted by the LoadRunner runtime component before the request is sent out on the wire.

If, while recording, Loadrunner sees an encrypted password on the wire -- it will record an encrypted password string in the script. If the client sends password as plain text, LoadRunner records plain text in the script. You have the option of encrypting it by highlighting the password string, right click, and choose "Replace with encrypted string".


Re: LR Ajax Truclient Protocol issue with password Encrypion

Thank you for your comments.


I will try that option.,


ButI have done the recording in Action items. I have done the validation of the script with just Login and Logout functionality to check the password encryption through Ajax Truclient protocol.


It validated successfully, but when running the load test am gettign the error. After login page, it throws error, and I think its because of the password encrytpion.


Pls let me know if there is anyway to bypass this.



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Re: LR Ajax Truclient Protocol issue with password Encrypion

What error would that be? It may be something different as well, if you validated replay was successful in developlment mode it should work here.



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