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LR 11.5 Record Generation Issue with Siebel

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LR 11.5 Record Generation Issue with Siebel

I am currently using LoadRunner 11.5 for load testing a Siebel Application (Public Sector) v 8.1 on IE8.


A scenario that I am currently working on involves the process of creating a record.

The scripts have been showing very anomalous behavior during both recording and replay.


Initially there was a Session_ID being generated. I later discovered that the same Session_ID was being passed in two different forms, one with URL encoding and the other in PLAINTEXT encoding. After I correlated those values, I set the script to replay for multiple iterations with the same Username/Password.


The good news was that the script passed without any errors, no warnings either. The changes were being reflected in the applications as well. Records were being created.


I tried replaying the same script with a different Username/Password. The script did not give any errors and passed even without any errors. But the records are not being created in the application.


On replaying the script with the original credentials (with which the script was recorded), the records were being created in the application.


Can anyone help me out to resolve the same?


Thanks a ton!


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Re: LR 11.5 Record Generation Issue with Siebel

There should be some dynamic values getting generated based on user credentials. Record two scripts with different user credentials and compare both.

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Re: LR 11.5 Record Generation Issue with Siebel

enable extended log and you can get some hint.


or better, create two scripts using different login credentials and compare.