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Java applet not load with Vugen 11 and firefox

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Java applet not load with Vugen 11 and firefox

Hi team,


I'm trying to record a vugen script.


The webpage has an java authentication applet that validate a trusted certificate installed in the machine. When I'm recording the script, Vugen converts the java applet validation in a POST action in the script. When I replay the script the action POST fail and I can't access to the webpage.


I try to record the script with AJAX Click and script, web(HTTP/HTML) and the the script record a POST an then fail.

I try to record with Ajax TrueClient with firefox but the java applet doesn't run.


I have a Vugen 11.00 SP4

Windows XP SP3 (32b)

Internet explorer 7.0

Firefox 15

Firefox 3.8.6 (Ajax trueclient)


any help?


Best regards,


David Ferreiro
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Re: Java applet not load with Vugen 11 and firefox


This sounds like a correlation problem, if the JS sends the post and this is recorded properly, then you need to find if what it send is always the same or if it changes, if so then you need to correlate something there.

as additional observations, only Ajax Supports JS, maybe the recular web can record this properly, but maybe not, so try to use ajax and avoid the GUI  mode it uses by default, also, TC protocol only runson application that doesnt require any kind of plugin or add on, such as java, flash or silverlight


hope this helps

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Re: Java applet not load with Vugen 11 and firefox

Hi, thank you for the quick response.


I had try record in GUI level: Ajax (Click and Script), but in this mode is impossible correlate anything.


The Ajax GUI Level records this when I put the certified in the java applet:




When I replay, the Replay Log shows this adn fail:


Action.c(10): Warning -26000: APPLET support is turned off. A DOM object is created, but the APPLET is not executed      [MsgId: MWAR-26000]

Action.c(21): Error -26226: Button not found      [MsgId: MERR-26226]

Action.c(21): web_button("INPUT") highest severity level was "ERROR"      [MsgId: MMSG-26391


I can correlate the "sessionId" in HTML-based script level, but I think that POST the certificate only runs into the java porlet, and if I try to POST before the porlet has open the login fail. The problem is that the java porlet doesn't run in these levels.


I'm trying record in JAVA Over HTTP mode, but Vugen fails generating script when I finsih record and shows me an error:


"Failed to copy the file c:\Documents and Settings\user\ Local Config.......\vuser_init.java.... etc"


This is an known error, but I can't fix it. :-(


any help?


Best regards,




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Re: Java applet not load with Vugen 11 and firefox

Hello David
Use AJAX C&S but AVOID to use GUI mode, use URL mode, only like this you will see the correlations.