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Issue with Recording LoadRunner scripts

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Issue with Recording LoadRunner scripts

I know the topic has been discussed on othe threads, but my issue is different in that I get no recorded events (or a script) only for a particular bunch of sites that we test. I'm able to use another machine that has LR 9.0 installed, and am able to record over there if I change the port mapping to SSL Direct. It's a shaky workaround, but the only thing that I can rely on as of now.


The same approach doesn't seem to work with LR 11.0.


What I've tried so far..

- Re-installing LR 11.0

- Various port mapping setting - Direct SSL etc.

- Different recording modes

- Tired running msinfo32 on cmd prompt, checked on Network-> Protocol settings to see if there was any other service that was preventing LR from hooking in to brwoser traffic.


Any ideas?

Gagandeep Malvi
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Re: Issue with Recording LoadRunner scripts




Are you able to run an old script (recorded in Vugen 9.52) with LR 11. I guess you must get some error message.




Gagandeep Malviya

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