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HP / Mercury conference for 2011? ...

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HP / Mercury conference for 2011? ...

Is anyone here planning on going to this?

I remember going to a couple Mercury conferences prior to the HP takeover and enjoyed them.

I kind of get the impression that this is an HP thing, of which the former Mercury tools are only a VERY small part?

Is there a separate conference just for LoadRunner/QTP/QC etc.?



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Re: HP / Mercury conference for 2011? ...

The messages from this forum are streamed to LinkedIn via RSS. Your post got a reponse - see below:


Petar Puskarich Hello! I can say for sure that I will be there this year. My first Mercury WWUC was 1998 and have only missed 2 ever since. Once again this year I am going to be a speaker as well. My session is Performance Center 11: the next generation

The conference has come a long way and HP has done a great job over the years of maintaining the old Mercury feel of the event as a whole.

One of the best parts of the whole event for me is the onsite tech personnel as well as some of the developers. Each year this is my one chance to get face to face with several of them including the product managers. That goes a long way into getting many features included in new builds as well bug fixes and explanations of the internals directly from the people that know.

Yes there are a large amount of non BTO sessions this year especially in the OPS space. Yes this is exactly what the site says where it's a combination of the two sides of the family. I view this as a very good change. Many times the silos between Quality and Ops can be very thick walled indeed. Combining the disciplines is a marvelous improvement. It will also help to expose at least myself to even more of the HP lines that I would normally not even think about.

The Venetion is a wonderful venue, and the sessions should be great this year as always.

You will most likely find our crew across the street at the dueling piano bar/show at least one or two of the evenings.

Come out and join us!

Send me an email in Linkedin and I'll add you to the contact list for when we get there. Looking forward to meeting many of you.

Petar Puskarich
Nationwide Insurance
Performance Engineering


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Leo Borisov, Func. Architect, ALM Methodology, HP SW R&D
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Re: HP / Mercury conference for 2011? ...



That sounds great. Any LoadRunner or performance testing related tracks/courses/sessions you have your eye on?




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Re: HP / Mercury conference for 2011? ...

I was just responding to our good friend James Pulley (www.loadrunnerbythehour.com) and we were discussing the options for finding a good BBQ place in Vegas, where it would be a suitable atmosphere for the LoadRunner performance gurus to hang out.  Of course, if we can include Scott Moore then we might officially call it a Shadow Conference.  :smileyhappy:   Would anyone be interested in preparing a presentation/topic for our gathering of mavens? 


BTW - if you haven't attended a roundtable with Leo and the R&D teams - you really should go and attend one.  They open the table for performance-related topics and other customers/peers share their experiences.  It's almost like and open-space conference, but smaller. 


I'm also presenting with my good friend Dave Berg from Shunra, in a track session covering mobile performance testing in the real-world - showcasing integraitons with LoadRunner.  That should be a fun time, and I'm sure we'll have some kind of giveaway.


See you there!!



Mark Tomlinson
Performance Testing and Engineering Guru