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Google Chrome support in 11.52

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Google Chrome support in 11.52

I'd appreciate a little more information on Google Chrome, what exactly is supported and the means and extent to which I can use vugen with Chrome.  


I have an application which works only on Chrome.  I have attempted to record traffic with vugen on Chrome but have been unsuccessful.  


I think I can use vugen to record Chrome traffic because:

     * KM00417677 says it's possible.  The phrases: "The current solution has been tested on versions up to 25" and "Chrome version updates occur constantly and do not introduce dramatic changes. So these versions can be supported as well." make me think my current version, 26.0.1410.43 is supported

     * 11.52 Loadrunner user guide says "Chrome support for the Web HTTP/HTML protocol has been added for recording, and additional browser emulation features during script replay"

     * This thread says I need to add [NoTrap] \n Application1=chrome.exe to vugen.ini and copy it to C:\Windows, I've done that


However, I still can't record.  



   * Using vugen 11.52 I open a web http/html script

   * I hit the record button and choose "web browser" from the record dropdown (as opposed to Windows app or LR proxy)

   * Chrome is not in that list by default so I find the executable and put it into the path

   * I put in my clear text, non-ssl url

   * Once I hit start recording a Chrome tab opens up, the vugen recording toolbar starts and (1) event is recorded.  Regardless of actions I take while on my newly opened tab I have no recorded events  

   * I attempt to record against a control URL (google.com) and cannot record against that URL either



1. Am I taking the correct actions here, or should I be recording a different way?  

2. I've downloaded Chrome v11 and will try that next but is v11 required with vugen 11.52 or is v26.x supported?  

3. I assume any truclient possibility is out with Chrome, and the only option is web (http/html) is this correct?  



Windows 7

Vugen 11.52.4391.0

    Installed Patches

    HP LoadRunner VugenSA 11.50 LRVUG_00044   

    HP VuGen Service Pack 11.51    

    HP VuGen Service Pack 11.52    

Chrome 26.0.1410.43

Non-ssl website

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Re: Google Chrome support in 11.52

Hi Dan,


What you should do is select Google Chrome from the start recording dialog (see image) in Web HTTP protocol.

This option was added in LR 11.52


Also note that you must close all Chrome windows before recording so that the events are captured from the correct window.


Edit: I verified recording of basic script works on version 26 with no issues. 


I hope this helps,



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Re: Google Chrome support in 11.52

Boris, thank you very much for the reply.  


I did not have all my Chrome windows closed prior to recording so I will definitely try this once I'm on my work computer tomrrow morning.  


However, Chrome does not appear in my drop down list for browsers and I am running 11.52.  As I said, I had to find the executable and manually add it, so I kind of doubt vugen "knows" it's the Chrome browser.  Not sure why it's not in my dropdown.  


Quick EDIT: Thanks for checking out the v26 thing.  That strikes one potential problem off the list.

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Re: Google Chrome support in 11.52

For the benefit of those who may encounter this on a search...


I had at least two problems.  


1) Vugen didn't like my configuration.  I had to completely uninstall and reinstall vugen.  I also went through and deleted registry entries, folders, etc.  A "clean" uninstall.  

2) To show up in the browser option drop down, a special install of Chrome must be performed.  You can NOT install Chrome using the typical download link (google.com/chrome).  You must install for "all users" (i.e. in the program files dir, since Chrome doesn't typically install there).  You can find the "alternate" Chrome install here, as a link on this page... http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=126299


As mentioned above, there can be no other open Chrome windows at the beginning of your recording and I'd also recommend clearing your cache, despite the fact that vugen launches in incognito mode.  


If this is documented anywhere, I didn't see it.  

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Re: Google Chrome support in 11.52

Hi Dan,


I am glad you resolved the issue!


The configuration problem is known and is caused by the Microsoft installer (see my earlier post on this topic on this forum). I hope we will be able to resolve this in future versions.


About the special version of Chrome, I have to disagree with you, you can install the regular version of Chrome and it should work. A problem that I can think of is that some other user installed Chrome for all users and then VuGen can't see it from your user. I asked our QA team to investigate this issue but I must emphesize that the regular installation of Chrome should work.





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Re: Google Chrome support in 11.52

I too faced a similar problem - Albeit using LR 11.4. Chrome Browser was not getting launched, until I installed chrome again while Logged in using My id, even though Chrome was installed already on the machine using another User id.
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Re: Google Chrome support in 11.52


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Re: Google Chrome support in 11.52

Are you aware of the reasons why other Chrome tabs must be closed? I mean, how the LoadRunner actually works if it tries to record other windows too? Is this issue relevant for other browsers?