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End event error due to network timeout

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End event error due to network timeout



I create this post to share the solution to the "end event error due to network timeout" problem with Ajax TruClient protocol.

In my case, this error occurs when I'm clicking on a button who should generate a PDF document. This generation takes in average 120 seconds.


The HP support advise me to modify the user.js file loacted at several places (I don't know if modifing this file at all places is necessary):





You have to add the following lines:

user_pref("LoadRunner.RTS.TruClient.SyncNetworkTimeoutInterval", 30000);
user_pref("LoadRunner.RTS.TruClient.SyncNetworkTimeoutMaxIntervals", 6); 


The first one value is a time in ms and the second is a number of retries.

Of course, you can modify these values to be in accordance with your needs.


This kind of modification only affect your current script.

I think you can do this modification permanently by modifying the user.js file into the VuGen install directory.


Hoping help you.


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Re: End event error due to network timeout


I do not recommend to change the default values of those advanced settings.

Those timeouts often are triggered due to a real sync network issues in the application under test. Increasing the values might just delay the failure and decreasing it might raise the false alarm rate.

Guy Rosenthal
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Re: End event error due to network timeout

Guy, how do you recommend that we avoid the network timeout problem? We have async actions that can take 300 seconds or more. No matter what step timeouts we set, we always get the "network timeout" error within about a minute and our script fails long before the action completes. We tried waiting on document load or DOM load but neither one works with our application (they don't seem to get triggered when the action completes and the page updates).


Using 11.52 I don't see any way to set the network timeout per-step, so the above suggested changes seem like the only solution...




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Re: End event error due to network timeout



The post is about sync network and not async.

There is an async end event who behave differently. If you know in advance that the async roundtrip is long (5 minutes as you mentioned) maybe you should sync on DOM and enhance your solution or refine it.




Guy Rosenthal
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Re: End event error due to network timeout

Hi Guys,


I am facing same issue and tried all available End Event options but no luck yet. TC recoomends "Step Network Completed " option option. The issue is sometime it gets timeout while pdf is generating, for example pdf takes 3 miutes but step get timeout in 1 or 2 minutes.


Also when I download a tiny pdf that completes in 3-4 seconds, the step runs for 10-20 seonds and then complete.


I tried "Step synchronous Network Completed" option but keeps running even after pdf download is complete. I had to kill aborth the script to kill the step.


Similar issue I noticed while clicking on button that loads data in grid. If there are too many records (15000+) and loading take around 2 minutes, the step timeout before data get loaded.


Please suggest how to deal with this.

Note: I'm using True Client for IE and LoadRunner versionn is 12.x

Shlomi Nissim
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Re: End event error due to network timeout


I suggest using "Action Completed" or "Document Loaded" alongside with adding "Wait for Object" step afterwards with longer timeout than the usual.

The "Wait for Object" step should wait for a regular UI object that appears after the document has been downloaded and not the PDF content. You can also try "Verify PDF" step is you are using 12.02

Good luck