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ERP applications recording via Web HTTP/HTML protocol

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ERP applications recording via Web HTTP/HTML protocol

I am recording a JDE application using Web HTTP/HTML protocol and it works for one of the module and it doesn't work for another module.


Either way I don't see the snapshot in the run time viewer after login. Can you please let me know what the issue is.


I have not recorded an ERP application before so that I probably need your expertise.





HPE Expert

Re: ERP applications recording via Web HTTP/HTML protocol

Hi Vivek

We need more information about the module that not works. Does this module has java code embedded? Do you see and error when enable extended logs?  Could you try using Truclient?


Rodolfo Leitón

HP LR/PC Support

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Re: ERP applications recording via Web HTTP/HTML protocol

Quick correction. The module that works has been correlated and once we have correlated it is working.


And no there is no jave module embedded (we are using JDE 8.12 version).


But I am still confused as to why I am not able to see the snapshot as recorded. Is this how it is supposed to be? I will not be able to use True client due to licensing issues and also True client will consume a lot of resources. So that wouldn't be ideal if I need to run with multple users.


The only error I see on extended logs is that pop up is blocked by the browser and it says replay status passed.


I would like to know how different is recording an ERP application from a normal Java based application.




//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event