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Correlation Issue (Link changes because the data changes)

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Correlation Issue (Link changes because the data changes)


I have a new project coming my way soon.  This application was performance tested before using LoadRunner.  I will be using LR and PC at the same time for this phase.  Basically we will be testing the report fuctionality from different locations.   The scenario is an user logs in and navigates to the report by using "From" and "To" dates.  Then opens the report.  The issue is that the Link for the report dinamically changes (Depending on the data that changes in the backend).   The previouse tester who is not here anymore couldn't get it to correlate.  The performance tester was an expert on LR.  So every time we have to re run the test we have to rerecord the script with the new links for each report.  This is a lot of extra work and also time consuming.  Does any one here been to a situation like this before?  I am not an expert performance tester nor using LR or PC.  I was told do a POC on this.  Who whould like to take this challance to help me out here?

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Re: Correlation Issue (Link changes because the data changes)

It sounds like a regular day at work. What is the problem exactly?


Parse the data returned and save (or concatenate/generate using C and the appropriate LoadRunner functions) the URLs to retrieve...


It is quite difficult to give any proper advice if you do not post any clear information (data returned by server, etc).